TEDxCairo is providing a platform for Egypt's leading visionaries and storytellers to talk to an energized group of thinkers, as well as to the whole world. At this invitation-only event, a curated group of change-makers, innovators, thinkers, creatives, cultural leaders and social pioneers are witnessing a back-to-back schedule of talks, performances and other multimedia surprises showcasing "Ideas Worth Spreading" from a carefully selected coterie of presenters whom the event organizers ( and their networks ) feel that they have something valuable to be shared.

Our Vission and Mission

Vision: Creating a community of bright minds to inspire and motivate others to develop our country. Mission: Spreading knowledge and new ideas through organizing a series of TEDxCairo Events.

Our Objectives

  • Introduce the TED Experience in Egypt.
  • Educate and inspire.
  • Bring together innovators and explorers.
  • Encourage people to share knowledge.
  • Give the space for people to present their ideas in any field (ex: Science, Poetry, Philosophy, Technology, Entertainment, etc… )
  • Spread what's new in technology allover Egypt.
  • Encourage the responsible use of resources and talents.

Who can attend TEDxCairo?

Anyone who is...

  • Looking for inspiring ideas
  • Passionate about spreading knowledge
  • Enthusiastic about developing the community
  • Interested in social networking